Budget Tips ~ Swaps

In my opinion swaps are a GREAT way to get lots of cards or layouts on a budget!! How many times have you bought a pack of something that has 6 of the same thing and you only need one? Or are you like me and only order a stamp set if your know you will use it for more then one thing? Picture this, You order a stamp set that you are in love with. You create 15 of the same card with it, you get together with some great gals who have made their cards with totally different supplies then you.  You chit chat, maybe have some food (anything involving stamping or scrapping involes food right? LOL),  then take turns telling each other how you made your card. You get to take home a card from each lady present! So not only are you getting a great ladies night out but you are getting 15 totally different cards without buying 15 different stamp sets!!

If you are interested in joining a swap group just let me know.


3 responses to this post.

  1. you are 100% right, I love doing swaps – I enjoy the new ideas I gain from others.


  2. You are right on with this post! I also find that it saves time. It’s much easier to create 15 cards that are the same or 5 layouts then trying to come up with something different for each one.


  3. Posted by Jaime Roe-Herd on January 20, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    Swaps are definitely a budget friendly way to get loads of ideas without having to purchase the supplies to make all of those individual projects. It is way cheaper in both time saved and money saved to make 15 of the same card or layout to swap with a group than it would be to make 15 individual cards each with different supplies!


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