Friday Featured Product

This weeks featured product is blender pens!! I love blender pens!! Blender pens are a perfect way to add softness to your projects and perfect for those of us who aren’t great at coloring 🙂 Blender pens look alot like markers but they have no color of their own. You can use blender pens with other Stampin’ Up! Products to get color and then wipe them on a piece of scrap paper to change the color. This makes them VERY versitile.

My favorite way to use blender pens is with our classic ink pads. With the ink pad closed you firmly press the lid into the stamp pad. Then open the pad and there will be ink in the lid for you to use with your blender pens. You can use as little or as much ink to get your desired color. You can also stamp you image and then use the blender pen to pull color out of the image into the center. This is a great for shading. My second favorite thing to do with my blender pens is to use them with my watercolor pencils. You can also use the watercolor crayons. I color the image with my pencils and then use the blender pen to even out the colors.

Blender Pens are an excellent product for beginners as they are easy to use and give you many options. If you are interested in trying our blender pens please visit my online store or contact me personally 🙂 Happy Stamping!!


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  1. Posted by Jaime Roe-Herd on January 24, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Sounds like we need to have a play date using blender pens 🙂


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