Happy Birthday Harry!

Did you know that today is Harry Potter’s Birthday? Author JK Rowling gave her much loved character the same birthday as herself 🙂

I recently went to a Stampin Up meeting and one of the girls brought her swap from convention to share. This card was one of them and I thought Harry’s birthday would be the perfect time to share it with you!



2 responses to this post.

  1. WOW! Nice card!


  2. Hi Betsy!!! I just found your business card in my wallet, so I decided to check out your blog! This card is just darling!! Seems lots of my stampin’ friends like Harry Potter. Do I need to check out these movies? When we were at the Stampin’ Up! Convention, we saw a commercial on TV for the newest Harry Potter movie. My roommate Jen started going nuts. I actually went to the movies, but saw Transformers. There were only 4 seats left in the theatre to see Harry Potter and I just didn’t feel like being in a crowded theatre, but I didn’t want Jen to have to miss it. I was the one that rented the car, so I had to drive her:) She said she loved the movie. I was happy to hear that, because we didn’t get in until 1:30am and she had to leave 3 hours later for her flight home. Anyway, I’m happy to have found your blog and I will subscribe via “feed”. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon:) Julie


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